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The quality policy of Metall-Techno Ltd.
Metall-Techno Ltd. would like to introduce and operate such an efficient quality leading system, which guarantees the regular impeccable quality of our products and services, their continuous development and the satisfying of our customers.

Basic ideas of our quality policy:

• Customer satisfaction should always be held on a high level.
• Our production processes should be developed regularly and new developments should be introduced.
• Colleagues should always be training to improve their technical knowledge and the work culture should be developed. The technological development should be practised soon in the work.

Purpose of the company:

We would like to become a well-known, good working, always developing organisation, where all colleagues are work satisfied with permanent growing and developing in a good atmosphere to satisfy all customers.

Valuable end-product of the company:

They are such good working machine parts and other metal parts, which have the quality and the quantity required by the customer and they are delivered in time. The customer put them in use and pays for them a price accepted by both parties.

In the middle of our quality policy is the CUSTOMER.

Our main purpose is that the qualities of our services and products have to measure up to the requirements made by the customers.

We recognise the people as the most important of our assets. With their contribution and training we can develop the quality of our services regularly. The management of Metall-Techno Ltd. consider those partners as „customers” also, who impress the activity of the company from outside.

In the interest of reaching purposes:

• We pay attention to the satisfaction of our customer.
• We extend the level and security of our activity with permanent technical innovation.
• We make efforts to improve our market position.
• We propose quality; we follow its realization with attention. We ensure convenience to the European Standards based on analysis of data and information

Our requirement is that every colleague has to tend to the success of our enterprise with his own knowledge and responsibility.
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