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Main questions of our customer
Terms of the quotation?

Generally it takes 2-4 workdays. If some technical question comes up, it depends on the quickness of the answer if we can make an offer during 3-4 workdays. If the quotation contains many positions, it can take 4-5 working days to make an offer.
In emergency case we can make an offer for a few drawings on that day.

Delivery date?

4-5 weeks from the order confirmation.

Payment terms?

Within 30 days of the invoice date with remission.

Delivery terms?

We can give ex works and delivered prices according to demand.

How complex is our production?

We are able to deliver the parts including material, heat or surface treatment, according to demand the parts ca be shipped at commercial parts.

What kind of documents are given with the parts?

Parcel bill, invoice, measurement test, product attendant ticket with drawing nr., designation, nr. of piece and order nr.

How is your price standard?

We work with Central-European prices.

How much free capacity do we have?

We engage our capacity in place with the incoming orders. We are willing to engage a piece of our capacity with a one-year contract.
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