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Our plans for 2008:
In 2008 we’re accomplishing the following investments and modernization in our chipping workshop.

We are buying new machines. They’re expected to arrive and put in operation in spring:

1 pc traditional universal milling-machine , with margine: 1500 mm
Type: UH 1250 A

1 pc traditional tool milling-machine, size of table: 950mm x 450 mm
Type: FUS 32

1 pc traditional center-lathe, size: d 800mm x 2000 mm

1 pc traditional center-lathe, size: d 360 mm x 1000 mm
Type: CE 6241

Further plans:

In the spring of 2008 we are moving to our newly built hall, where the rowmaterial can be stored. Piece cuttering of the these as well as the engine fitting take place here.
To our expectations, our activity will improve with the extension of the place with 400 square metres. We can serve our costumers in a better way, and our colleagues can work in more positive circumstances.
The problems of material handling will be solved as the new workshop will be equipped with cranes.

Engine fitting will develop too. Owing to the higher interior and the cranes, we can refine bigger and less moveable parts.

At the beginning of the year new paintingwall arrives with the help of which the parts can be coated and painted faster and in better quality.

We’re developing our burnishing unit. We’re planing to prepair a bigger burnishing tub with which we can serve not only our production but our customers as well.

We are approaching to the end of our developing process in the company’s management system. The following moduls will be implemented:

„detailed norms modul” - more detailed technological order will be determined as before

„ storage modul” – rowmaterials are handled, which arrive to our company or those which are left after the manufacture including flame cut and laser cut material.

„ manufacture supervision modul” – the parts are monitored whether they are under production at our workshop or they are sent to our subcontractors.
Doing so we can accurately inform our customers about the ordered pieces of work as well as which phase they are in.

In 2007 new CNC machines arrived.
1 pc TOPPER CNC lathe, controlled by NCT 2000, size: d 300 x 1000

1 pc TOPPER CNC machining centre also controlled by NCT 2000, size:
x = 1000, y = 500, z = 500

In the september of 2006 ISO 9001-2000 certificate was entered.

ISO 9001:2000
We are glad to inform you that we have attained the certificate ISO 9001-2000 in September 2006.
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