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Our company operates its own ERP
It is crucial for efficient manufacturing to know and follow every process - inside the company and at cooperator partners - via a computer program.
Since our company specializes itself in unique and small series part production, we decided to have our ERP tailored to our needs. TR-Soft Ltd. wrote the ERP to suit Metall-Techno’s need.

The system includes:
  • Handling of quotations
  • Handling of orders
  • Manufacturing process and material needs of parts
  • Raw material handling
  • Storing part drawings
  • Identifying part drawings with a barcode (this barcode accompanies the part during the manufacturing process until it is finished)
  • Workshop log
  • Cooperating partners log
  • Part tracking
  • Quality control
  • Delivery note
  • Billing

Analyzing the data we can utilize capacity, pre- and post price calculation.
We hope that all our customers are satisfied.
We’re continually improving our ERP to further enhance productivity while keeping the high quality.
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