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Aquipment pool
Type of machine Quantity Range of metal-work
Traditional lathes 6 pcs 1000x3000
CNC lathe 2 pc 400x1000
Traditional miller 6 pcs to 1800x550 table size
CNC milling machine 3 pcs X=850, Y=500, Z=500
CNC beded longitudinal milling machine 1 pc X=2500, Y=800, Z=600
CNC vertical machining centre 2 pc X=1000, Y=600, Z=600
CNC horizontal miller with controllable rotary table 2 pc X=1000, Y=1000, Z=1000
Cylindrical grinder 2 pcs 450x1500, 280x750
Surface grinding machine 1 pc 1000x300
Radial drill 1 pc r 1600
Mounted and other drilling machines 6 pcs
Sheet cutting machine 1 pc 6mm plate thickness (St 37) x3000
Hydraulic sheet bending machine 1 pc to the width of 2500 mm
Sheet bending machine (mechanical) 1 pc
Arc welding machine with protection gas (Argon/CO2) 4 pcs 400A amperage
AWI- welder 3 pcs up to 320A ampreage
Groove-slotting machine (semiautomatic) 1 pc to 25 mm groove width
Circular saw 2 pcs to 120 mm
Band saw 2 pcs to320 mm
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